In-Home Pet Euthanasia


End of life health care is very important for our furry family members. Chronically or terminally ill patients often have difficulty traveling or severe stress and anxiety at animal hospitals. We feel honored to be able to provide at home health care for your pet. Our team also offers in home euthanasia to provide the most peaceful passing for your pet. We are here for you in your time of need.

Benefits of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

  • More people can be present; all family members or special friends and neighbors who have cared for or bonded with your pet No stressful or upsetting car ride to a vet clinic

  • Your pet’s final moments are spent surrounded by the comforts of home, perhaps in a special chair, their favorite spot in the backyard, or simply nestled in your lap.

  • In-home visits remove the stress that can be associated with the hospital setting. Being at home means that people retain a certain level of privacy and are not rushed by the schedule of a busy veterinary office.

Planning for euthanasia, though difficult, is a way of helping them live out their final moments in peace and as much comfort as possible. It is a kindness, not a cruelty. For both of you.



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