On-Site Veterinary Hospital Services

New Hospital Location in Eagle, CO


Located at 113 East 4th Street, Eagle, CO 81631


We are excited to announce the opening of our new On-Site Veterinary Hospital in downtown Eagle, Colorado! In addition to our On-Site Mobile Veterinary Services we'll also be offering a full list of services below at our physical animal hospital.

  • Diagnostics
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Pet Insurance
  • Comfort Room
  • Cat Exam Room and Dog Exam Room



In house blood work, urinalyses, and fecal exams are only a handful of the diagnostics we can offer your pet with accurate and fast results. Our trained staff can perform cytologic exams and analyze microscopic samples of blood, urine, feces, ear swabs, and tissue. We offer ultrasound and x-ray imaging with safe handling practices to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Sometimes these results can be confusing and that’s okay. We are dedicated to taking the time to discuss results and findings with you, and to develop a plan for your pet’s medical needs.



Fully equipped with a brand-new surgical suite, we are ready to assist with any surgical needs that may arise for your pet. Whether it be a routine spay or neuter, mass removal, laceration repair, orthopedics, or an emergency surgery, we are here for you. All surgery patients receive pre-operative blood work, an intravenous catheter to receive fluids and medication, continuous anesthetic monitoring by a Certified Veterinary Technician, and monitored post-operative recovery. In the event your pet needs to stay overnight after surgery, we have that taken care of for you right in house without the need to transfer.



Whether your pet is critically ill needing treatment and monitoring overnight or needs continuous monitoring after surgery, we are available for overnight hospitalization. Patients hospitalized overnight will have constant monitoring and supervision by an overnight Certified Veterinary Technician with a Doctor on call or a veterinarian.


Dental Cleanings

As dental cleanings are important for humans, they are just as important for cats and dogs. An unclean mouth brings along bad breath, but it also leads to more serious issues. The build up of plaque and tartar on the teeth involves bacteria living below the gumline and entering the blood stream, affecting important organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. Regula3214r dental care can prevent the loss of teeth, discomfort, infection, and periodontal disease. Our dental cleanings are performed under full anesthesia with your pet’s health and safety being our number one priority. Dental radiographs are always recommended, because we can not tell what is going on below the gumlines with the naked eye. With our digital dental x-ray machine, we can quickly radiograph the entire mouth, and determine which teeth are healthy and which are not, and which need to be extracted. All Owners will be demonstrated at-home dental care to perform after their patients full dental cleaning, to maintain oral health.


At Home Dental Care

Daily teeth brushing is the number one way to slow the build-up of tartar on your pet’s teeth. We offer Pet Specific tooth brushes and tooth paste, and you will receive an At Home Dental Kit after your pet’s dental cleaning. Water additives, oral rinses, and dental chews are all options to aid in your pet’s oral health. While dental cleanings are the gold standard for oral health, at home care is just as important in between cleanings. Brush the teeth you’d like to keep!


Pet Insurance

Our furry companions are more than just pets, they’re family. The unexpected happens and it’s best to be prepared. We recommend Pet Insurance to all of our clients, so when the unexpected happens, you’re financially prepared. Whether it be an emergency surgery, an unexpected illness, or even help covering wellness costs, there is the right Pet Insurance out there for everyone and we’d love to help you find it.


Comfort Room

Whether it be acupuncture, laser, or a quiet place to chat, our comfort room is designed to feel like you and your pet’s home away from home. Comfortability, zero stress, and a quiet location is the goal of this room to fill your specific needs.


Cat Exam Room and Dog Exam Room

Felines and canines are two completely different species, and that is why we designed our space to have two separate rooms, for two separate species.
Our Cat specific exam room, aromatically filled with naturally calming feline pheromones, will feel welcoming and safe the moment they step through the door. With a walkway along with wall, cat nip for sniffing, and a fish bowl to gaze upon, your cat will never want to leave!


We proudly serve our local Colorado mountain communities with veterinary services, including Gypsum, Eagle, Wolcott, Bond, McCoy, Edwards, Avon, Vail and other nearby towns.  Contact our team today at Colorado On-Site Veterinary Services for all of your horse care needs, farm animal services, integrative therapies, and small animal veterinary needs including hospice care.