Colorado Equine Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is very important for all animals to experience the most healthy, comfortable, and productive life. Advanced nutritional needs are especially important when your animal is a performance animal athlete as well as in the young and older animal. On-Site Vet can help formulate a complete and balanced approach for your animal’s daily intake, specific to their individual needs.
Along with nutritional consultations, our team has a vast knowledge of joint supplements and joint protectants available for your pets. The correct formulation and method of administration is addressed for your pet’s particular need. In addition to a number of oral supplements, this includes intramuscular Adequan (polysulfated glucosaminoglycan) for horses, dogs and cat, and intravenous Legends (hyaluronic acid) currently available for horses.

Platinum Performance’s high quality nutritional products are available by direct ship to your location through Colorado On-Site Veterinary Services. We are proud to support their EQCO program that reimburses up to $10,000 for colic surgery when enrolled in a wellness plan and supplementing with their Platinum Performance or Platinum CJ supplement.

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We proudly serve our local Colorado mountain communities with veterinary services, including Gypsum, Eagle, Wolcott, Bond, McCoy, Edwards, Avon, Vail and other nearby towns.  Contact our team today at Colorado On-Site Veterinary Services for all of your horse care needs, farm animal services, integrative therapies, and small animal veterinary needs including hospice care.