Colorado Equine Dental Care Services

Colorado Onsite Veterinary Services provides horse dental care to to the Vail Valley and beyond at the convenience of your horse's location.  Proper equine dental care is very important for the overall health and well being of your horse.

Colorado On-Site Veterinary services utilizes a battery powered lightweight float for horse dentistry care. The float has a fully integrated vacuum that protects the horse's airway from enamel removed during the procedure and an irrigation system that keeps the horse's teeth from getting warm throughout the procedure. The dentistry procedure is performed after the horse is mildly sedated and a speculum is placed in the horse’s mouth to enable a complete examination. A full dental scaling procedure to equilibrate the teeth to a normal chewing surface and remove sharp, painful enamel points that form during chewing is then performed.

The mouth speculum is made of light aircraft aluminum that weighs less than four pounds and opens the horse’s mouth smoothly. This speculum can fit any size of horse or pony mouth and can also fit any type of mouth deformity to accommodate safe and comfortable treatment.


Why are horse dentals needed?

Horses require the proper chewing surface for effective chewing and normal digestion. Horses with normal chewing surfaces are able to more easily digest their food and are therefore at lower risk for colic concerns. Dental abnormalities in horses can cause discomfort in the mouth which manifest as behavioral issues that surface during training and showing.


Can horse tooth extractions be performed in the field setting?

Certain horse tooth extractions are able to be performed in the field with sedation and local analgesia to numb the site. Wolf teeth extraction and mobile cheek teeth extractions are the common needs encountered in the field.
Digital dental radiographs are pursued when needed in the field to monitor horse dental health and to rule-out dental abscesses, fractures, or local disease.


How often are horse dentals needed?

Equine dental procedures are recommended once a year to every 6 months depending on the horse’s age and dental health.

Horse dental care services


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