Equine Infectious Anemia Positive Horse Identified in Colorado
Dr. O'Brien

Equine Infectious Anemia Positive Horse Identified in Colorado

A horse positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) was identified in Weld County Colorado on May 4, 2017. 


EIA is a virus in the family Retroviridae and can infect horses, donkeys and mules.  It is primarily transmissible from animal to animal through blood. Transmission could occur from blood-sucking insects, inappropriate use of needles, contaminated blood transfusion products or blood contaminated instruments. 

Infected horses may be asymptomatic or can display signs of fever, lethargy, weight loss, changes to the gum colors, muscle weakness and even death.  

The Coggins Tests detects antibodies in the blood to EIA and should be performed once a year. The disease is not treatable; detection is important in preserving the health of our horse population in Colorado and beyond.

More Information Here: News Release from the Colorado Department of Agriculture

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