Equine Infectious Anemia

Positive Case Confirmed in Weld County, Colorado

Dr. O'Brien

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Confirmed in Colorado

A horse in Weld County was confirmed positive for EIA. The horse which tested positive entered Colorado for a sale without a negative Coggins or health certificate and was sold and transported out of Colorado before the test results came back. The EIA positive horse has been euthanized.

In total approximately 240 horses were exposed to the infected horse and 100 of the exposed horses were sent to 20 other states. 37 exposed horses have been located in Colorado. The following counties are under hold orders: Adams, Arapahoe, Crowley, Delta, Douglas, El Paso, Mesa, Montrose, and Weld.

EIA is an infectious viral disease that is spread by biting insects and the inappropriate use of contaminated equipment such as needles.

EIA affects horses, mules, and donkeys, causing high fever, weakness, weight loss, and death. There is no cure or vaccine for this disease and infected animals must be quarantined for life or euthanized.

The test for EIA is called the Coggins test and is required for travel out of the state and in order to enter certain competitions. We recommend this test annually.

EIA is a reportable disease. It is not spread to humans.



Colorado On-Site in the Vail Daily

Dr. O'Brien

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke; how do you treat an anorexic chicken?

But actually it is a medical condition and Dr. Susan O'Brien, owner of Colorado On-Site Veterinary Services, has a cure not a punchline: acupuncture.

The good doctor is based in Gypsum but travels the Interstate 70 corridor mostly from Avon to Gypsum and treats all creatures great and small from hedgehogs to horses and, of course, anorexic chickens. 

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Photos of our adjunctive care were featured in the July episode of The Horse in the article titled Equipped for Excellence

Dr. O'Brien
This article reviewed the qualifications necessary in order to provide your animal's chiropractic care, who could administer acupuncture to your animal, as well as the importance of dental care for your horses' being provided by a veterinarian.  Check it out for some really helpful information that will help to make you a better consumer. 

Equine Infectious Anemia Positive Horse Identified in Colorado

Dr. O'Brien

In May, a positive Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) horse was identified on a Coggins Test.  This is a disease spread through blood (insects, inappropriate needle usage, other contamination) and is not treatable.  It affects horses, donkeys and mules.  We recommend a Coggins Test once per year to screen for this disease and prior to purchasing of new animals.

Horse Care & Maintenance

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